Four Powerful Beliefs to Develop in MLM to be Successful

I have been observing and asking most successful MLM (Network Marketing) Leaders about their beliefs that drove them to success. Here are the nuggets of those four powerful beliefs they developed for their years in MLM:

  1. Belief in the Company – Here’s the thing about the company. Find a good and proven company with a good track record and stick with it until you become successful. Have the belief that the company desires you to be increasingly successful because when you become successful, other people will see that the company is not a joke (not to mention the revenue it’ll generate for them.)
  2. Belief in the Products / Services – Well, here’s the thing: If you don’t believe in the products or services you’re sharing to people, find those that you’re passionate about to share! Otherwise, you will never be happy even if you become successful – you will be a miserable success.
  3. Belief in the Upline Leaders/Coaches – Believe and do what successful people do. Observe and do what they do.
  4. Belief in YOURSELF – This is the most important for the distributor to believe in and this is the only thing that he has control over.  No one can make you believe in you unless you believe yourself that you will be successful in this industry. You can develop such belief by reading, attending events being exposed to successful people and achieving small things over time.

I believe that as we develop these beliefs in increasing measure, we will experience increasing measure of profits, satisfaction, happiness, legacy, friends, desire of helping people and other things that are important to you. Be unstoppable!

To your MLM success,

Jake De La Cruz

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Network Marketing is NOT Network Selling

I’ve been thinking and pondering what most people in network marketing do that make them unsuccessful. One of the worst things that I’ve seen and experienced is selling (hard-selling) to your network.

Here are some of the scenarios for you network marketer:

  • They will join you out of respect for you but they will never do the business with you – you will never have their support.
  • They will not join and eventually, they will dismiss you entirely (I hope not)
  • They will join but will make a lot of excuses for not doing the business.
  • They will be negative and they will not invite their friends, relatives to attend anything related to the company or business – they don’t want them to experience the same way they had.

Now, here’s my thought on network marketing:

“Network Marketing is marketing to your network, not selling to them.”

The idea is only to share to them what products or services available to them through your business (only truth, don’t exaggerate because they will eventually know), ask them if they need such services or products (if not, ask them if they know someone who may need such – you can offer incentive if you like) then let them buy. That’s the reason why people hate to be sold to, they like to buy.

To your MLM success,

Jake De La Cruz

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Four Major Lessons from the book Your First Year in Network Marketing


I’ve started reading this book and so far there are four lessons that I’m so excited to share about. Fasten your seat belts, here they are:

  1. Stop Badmouthing other Network Marketing Companies – They shared that if you have sufficient evidence, go directly to the authorities like DSA or other agencies. If you intend to destroy an illegal MLM company, put your name on the line.
  2. Educate People about Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing – I realized that indirectly, I have been sharing some stuffs that will guide people in their MLM journey without being discourages or taken advantaged.
  3. Purchase Everything You can through your MLM whenever possible – They suggested that we don’t sponsor or recruit from other good and proven MLM but essentially they can be customers when their companies don’t offer the products that they need.
  4. Achieve and Make Everyone Proud in Network Marketing Industry – The idea is that we develop professionalism in this industry while inevitably achieving our dreams by helping more people achieve their dreams. That’s the only way I see how to be successful in this industry.

I believe that as we do all these four ideas stated herein, we can really make the profession a professional one and a respected one.

Can anyone help me how I can purchase this book (paperback) in bulk for the Philippine market? What I have is an ebook since it’s not available (so far, as I have been searching for books and other materials for my team).

To your MLM success,

Jake De La Cruz

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Marketing is Relationship-Based

marketing is

For me, here is the most misunderstood form of interrupting people. We market our products or services simply because we want to initiate a start of a relationship, not a one-time event or purchase. The reason is when you need a service or product once, you will eventually need it later in life. It may not be for you but for your family members.

Joe Girard

I have read the book shown above. And one of the things that struck me is his Law of 250. It says that every person we encounter influences, on average, in his whole lifetime 250 people. So, if you mess with one customer, you inevitably messed with the other 250. Knowing that allowed me to think well in my interactions with people.

There has been a lot of services and products which people sold me but have never shared or offered to my friends and relatives because of the not-so-good experiences to me. I’m thinking, “I will not allow any of them to experience what I have experienced!” If I really need the product or service, I usually either suffer while looking for the substitute or go to other places or establishments just to avoid the previous person’s face.

So, remember, whenever we market or sell products or services to people, think of long-term relationship with them but more importantly, think of the 250 people they will share to about the experience they had with you.

“People buy from people they like but they become loyal to those who make them feel great or who appreciate their business.”

To your success,

Jake De La Cruz

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Things to Look Into an MLM Company (Part II – The Person)

Yesterday, I shared the importance of the company’s integrity as well as my experience with my four previous MLM companies.

As I shared: there are two things which are very essential to note in choosing which MLM company to join and whose team will you associate yourself with: one is the company’s integrity and the second and equally important is the person’s integrity. Network Marketing can be for everyone but not everyone is for Network Marketing.

“My whole career has been built around the concept that you can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough people get what they want. Network Marketing, more than any other structure I’ve ever seen, brings that concept to manifestation.” – world-renowned trainer and author, Zig Ziglar

Now, we tackle the person’s integrity. Here are the things your sponsor (and you) must exhibit or possess in order to be successful:

  • Be Committed – How much time, money and effort are you willing to commit to your MLM Business per month? No one will build your business FOR you. People will only build it WITH you. MLM business, like any other business, requires serious commitment of time, money and effort.
  • Have Compassion – This focuses on the other person’s welfare, interest, dreams or goals, and feelings. MLM is about people business – sharing and caring for each other. It’s about thinking how you can help people, being kind and showing respect. It’s about your values and beliefs. The more compassionate you are, the higher your potential for MLM Success
  • Be Credible – It’s about keeping and delivering your promises. This is the foundation of this business. Can you be trusted? Be punctual because an appointment is an agreement and it makes you credible and reliable. If you can’t keep a small agreement, how can you keep a big agreement?
  • Be Courageous – Make a decision to act in spite of fear. Take a calculated risk. It takes (great) courage and burning desire to achieve financial success and freedom. Take the plunge.
  • Cooperate – Work and cooperate as a team player to achieve great results. One can only do so much. Leverage each other’s strengths and figure out a way to work effectively as a team. This is the best way to find and build leaders to form strong organizations.
  • Be Consistent – To be successful, everyone in your team must understand the importance of doing basic things repeatedly and consistently with a duplicatable system in prospecting, inviting, closing, following up and training.
  • Be Clear – Your team need to understand why they are in business and what they need to do to be successful and how to do it well.
  • Communicate – How well you communicate in this business determines the height of your MLM success. To communicate well, invest time and money developing yourself in your communication skills by understanding yourself and others. Understand the weaknesses and strengths of your team members and use for all of your advantages while minimizing your team’s weakness.
  • Connect – Develop your connections as you develop yourself as a leader and you’ll have better connections with other leaders from different industries. Attend events, gatherings, books clubs and functions, and get business contacts.
  • Concentrate – Focus and build momentum until your organization reach a “critical mass” where it no longer need much of your input. Concentrate on the important aspects of the business: prospecting, inviting, closing, following up and training. Train your people to do what you’re doing because this is about duplication. Lead by example and develop leaders. The more leaders you develop, the more successful and stronger your business will be.

Now, anything less than any of those given above will generate little or moderate results. So, focus on developing yourself. Then your team. Then your leaders. Then the business will take care of itself. Just do it long enough.

I shared with you the two crucial aspects in choosing the right MLM company for you as well as the right person to hook up with. Well, these are just what I learned so far. Apply it if it makes sense to you. 🙂

To your mlm success,

Jake De La Cruz

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Things to Look Into an MLM Company (Part I – The company stats)

“Integrity is the essence of everything.” – Buckminster Fuller

I am very passionate in advocating this because since 2009 I have been introduced (and sadly, joined) four network marketing companies. Two global or international and two local. I have learned some stuffs that most people who joined and quit never quite learned. Now, I am on my fifth (and hopefully, last) network marketing company.

Two things are very essential to note in choosing which MLM company to join and whose team will you associate yourself with: one is the company’s integrity and the second and equally important is the person’s integrity. Network Marketing can be for everyone but not everyone is for Network Marketing.

The Company’s Integrity focuses on four major areas:

  • Management – have they been around for at least five years? The best advice I can give is go for MLM that’s been thriving for 10 years (but I don’t discount the others that haven’t existed for five years). The company’s management leadership will also say a lot about the company’s strategy. So, reduce your risk as much as possible.
  • Products or Services – Is the quality being offered top-of-the-line? Will u still buy the product or service with or without being offered in MLM? Does the company have a great R & D for developing new products or services for people? How big is the trend for those products or services? Would u love sharing or offering it to friends and relatives? Are they priced competitively and offers high value?
  • Compensation Plan – Is it fair and balanced? Does the company pay on time? Does it reward the performing distributors based on sales volume more than (or not only) in rank advancements? It is only effective when majority of the people can make a decent income and will continue to do the business for the rest of their lives because they have created a positive cashflow! Understand that in any business, you need to break even first before you start making money but if your new distributors experiences negative cashflow monthly, they won’t stay long doing the business!
  • Support System – Is it global? Is it duplicatable? Can the business be done even with people who have no experience in selling or business? Does the company desires that you succeed and succeed well?

Some more thoughts in a good compensation plan:

  • Simple and ordinary people can understand and explain.
  • It is fair and balanced.
  • It allows all distributors to earn money through group sales volume, retail income while learning the business.
  • Members can join and buy products as they like. No force-buying.
  • Majority makes income.

On my next post, I will tackle the second crucial thing to note in analyzing the mlm company.

To your mlm success,

Jake De La Cruz

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Top 10 Why People Quit and Leave MLM

People come into a network marketing business and have all the dreams and aspirations in the world ready to grab and they start this business, and eventually, they disappear. What happened? What went wrong?

I have studied relentlessly people who have quit and left this business, and also people who have had great success. This article will cover the top ten reasons I have found why people leave network marketing.

  1. Trying the Business

Many focus in the thought, “I am going to try it and see what happens.” That is a death certificate in this business. People who TRY the business are not sold out on it, and are not serious about it. This
business demands everything you have and will stretch you to the limit. And if you are only in it to try it, then do yourself a favor and get out! It will only drive you crazy and save you from a lot of frustrations a half-hearted effort and belief brings. So, ask yourself and your team,
Have you made a DECISION to Become Successful in this business?” Your destiny lies in your answer!

2) Unfocused

Life has a lot of daily distractions in front of you to de-focus you in the business. And then we eventually use these distractions as excuses not to do the business. Every distraction you focus on has a cost, and you pay that cost in your business, and they can cost you a ton of money. We usually ALLOW distractions to slow us down or stop us. They are something we can control. We
just refuse to, and we end up so distracted that we lose focus and eventually lose interest.

These distractions are there to test us whether we will allow temporary things to stop us from pursuing a long-term objective such as traveling the world, helping the family financially, etc. The moment we focus on these, we lose precious energy or momentum.

3) Listening to the Wrong People

Well-meaning friends and colleagues can kill your excitement and dreams quicker than anything else. Think again, would you go to someone who has never worked on a car (or doesn’t have one) before to get you car fixed? Would you go to someone who has never cut hair before to cut your hair for an important event or dinner? Would you go to a plumber to do heart surgery? The answer to any of this questions is a resounding, NO!

Why? Because they have not done what you want done. No matter how many times the plumber tries to convince you that he can do a heart surgery, you wouldn’t listen to him! Then why do people listen to folks who have never had success, never experienced success, and who know little of success about success? (At least for the success you desire afforded through the business.) Thus, I urge you to listen to the Right folks (those who have achieved success and have the right attitude you want to emulate) who can help you get to where you want to go and has been (and is still)there!

4) Busy AT the Business, but not BUILDING the business

There are a lot of activities you can do in network marketing, and you can get real busy preparing for meetings, phone calls, follow ups, trainings, events and just about anything you can think of but all of this will not allow one to earn anything! There is only ONE THING you do to build this business and earn a paycheck: Talk to people about signing up, or buying your product, or doing business with you by showing them how. We build this business one customer at a time, one distributor at a time but it’s not the same one all the time.

5) Not Plugging into the system

A study has been made that distributors that plugged their new distributors into the company system (emails, team calls, trainings, events, etc) have a 70% retention rate the first year and those that did not plug-in had a 30% retention rate. Also, successful leaders plug in their team for leverage and duplication purposes.

6) Dependent to Upline

The idea why your application says “Independent Distributor” is for you are to become independent from your upline. But there are some who are dependent from their upline. They depend on their sponsor for success then depend on their excuses to not give it 100%.

Yes, you learn from your sponsor at first in this business, but you MUST get independent quickly. Why? Because you will never get a big paycheck depending on someone else to create a big business for you! The less dependent you are on your upline, the more your paycheck will be due to you downline.

7) Lack Of Success Belief

What you expect to happen in this business inevitably happens. Sad to say, but a lot of people join this business with either a belief or expectation that it will not work or he’ll not be successful and guess what happens? It doesn’t work for them and they don’t become successful in this. These people have never experienced nor expected success in their life, and never will. If they’re successful with other things, they must change their mindset fast to accommodate their success mindset or belief in this very unique business. Belief is powerful! And if someone does not expect or believe to succeed, they won’t. Choose people who have great belief in themselves, in the company and in the products as well as his team because one of the greatest (and oftentimes, hardest) to change is belief. Why? Because it took them their age to develop such beliefs or mindsets! So find those believers. There are plenty out there.

8) Re-Inventing the Wheel

People go out and try to figure out a “better” way to do what already has been done, and end up going broke, when they should have just taken the tools and ran with them. Improvement is great but only AFTER you have mastered the basics and tools that your company is offering. Trust me in this: it will save you from a lot of mistakes and frustrations.

9) Lack of Leadership Skills

You as a leader must provide leadership to your group and create a growth and success environment. If you do not, you are setting yourself and your group to failure. They MUST have some level of leadership in the beginning because you cannot do this business FOR them, but you can do it WITH them. No leadership results in chaos and confusion. Your leadership must guide each of your team member the steps they’ll need to take so they can advance to achieve their goals and dreams.

10) Building the Wrong Thing

As business leaders, you can spend a lot of time and do a lot of things with your downline. You can build all the business you want, but if you are not building your each of your people’s confidence, mindsets, skills, and self-esteem, you will have a very fragile business that is built on sand. People who are believed in and encouraged and listened to will stay longer with you, become more successful, and will ride out any storm with you by your side.

I have always believed that this business is a people business that involves people-building. So, develop your PEOPLE FIRST then the Business, and if a storm comes along, the business will be resting on a

“Grow and lead your people, and they will build their networks.”

To your success,

Jake De La Cruz

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