Five Sponsoring Ideas and Some Lessons that will make you a Success

WARNING: This article will do you NO good unless you APPLY this!

In the world of sponsoring, you will at one point need to follow these ideas online or offline.

I hope to help you INCREASE and Multiply your sponsoring by APPLYING these ideas!

Idea 1: Get the prospects’ ATTENTION with ads, fliers, referrals, lead programs, emails, websites, online/offline systems, etc..

Try these topics as attention-getters:

  1. Money: Extra Php 5,000 – 10,000 per month. It will depend on your target market.
  2. Freedom: have more quality time with children, family, relatives  or friends! Travel, stay-at-home, more options.
  3. Power: being the CEO, in charge, owning your own business

Ask QUESTIONS revolving on these TOPICS!
Could you use an extra $100 a month?
How would you like to wake up when you’re done sleeping?
How would you like to own your own business?

Idea 2: Promote, Share, Expose

  1. The average prospect needs 3-5 exposures!
  2. Use power statements like part-time, no sales experience required, low start-up costs, etc..
  3. Expose QUICKLY….3-5 times in a week or so…not a month or two.
  4. Avoid talking about YOU…instead…talk about the prospects goals…visions…

Here’s an example:

James, this business requires LITTLE time, an extremely LOW overhead and experience is NOT even required! Let me tell you about a guy who…. (Share a Success Story!)

Stories SELL, facts TELL. WHY? Because, we make decisions based on emotions, and not always based on facts. THE KEY is to find their WHY’s and help them get into your vehicle to achieve them.

Idea 3: Sorting or Profiling – a process of allowing the law of averages to work!

  1. Look for those who WILL, because anyone CAN.
  2. Locate people with reasons to work and are teachable.
  3. Looking for those who will participate, not procrastinate.

Idea 4: Follow-up/Follow Through – it will make or break you in this industry.

  1. While sharing, work on getting to know your prospect and build rapport. Get them to LIKE you. Be creative. Be persistent. Be original.
  2. Stay in touch no matter how long in takes. They may join in a year or two. The question is: Will YOU be there to reap the benefits? I hope so!
  3. Encourage the CREATING their own true story. Their journeys, struggles and how they overcome.

Idea 5: Sponsor! Navigate your Prospect!

  1. I act like a consultant and use a summary close…You feel comfortable with company? The product/Service? The Comp plan? How about YOU? Do you see yourself making money at this? How soon do you want to start living your dreams? Some will and some won’t. But the key is to keep on “planting the seeds!” It will grow.
  2. Allow the NO’s to lead you to your success. Start asking for referrals who might benefit from the product or service and who might be interested in growing this business. You will eventually find a new recruit and when you DO, go back and thank all the NO’s. You will be amazed at how many turn into YES’s!

To your success,

Jake De La Cruz

©2014 All rights reserved.

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