Top 10 Why People Quit and Leave MLM

People come into a network marketing business and have all the dreams and aspirations in the world ready to grab and they start this business, and eventually, they disappear. What happened? What went wrong?

I have studied relentlessly people who have quit and left this business, and also people who have had great success. This article will cover the top ten reasons I have found why people leave network marketing.

  1. Trying the Business

Many focus in the thought, “I am going to try it and see what happens.” That is a death certificate in this business. People who TRY the business are not sold out on it, and are not serious about it. This
business demands everything you have and will stretch you to the limit. And if you are only in it to try it, then do yourself a favor and get out! It will only drive you crazy and save you from a lot of frustrations a half-hearted effort and belief brings. So, ask yourself and your team,
Have you made a DECISION to Become Successful in this business?” Your destiny lies in your answer!

2) Unfocused

Life has a lot of daily distractions in front of you to de-focus you in the business. And then we eventually use these distractions as excuses not to do the business. Every distraction you focus on has a cost, and you pay that cost in your business, and they can cost you a ton of money. We usually ALLOW distractions to slow us down or stop us. They are something we can control. We
just refuse to, and we end up so distracted that we lose focus and eventually lose interest.

These distractions are there to test us whether we will allow temporary things to stop us from pursuing a long-term objective such as traveling the world, helping the family financially, etc. The moment we focus on these, we lose precious energy or momentum.

3) Listening to the Wrong People

Well-meaning friends and colleagues can kill your excitement and dreams quicker than anything else. Think again, would you go to someone who has never worked on a car (or doesn’t have one) before to get you car fixed? Would you go to someone who has never cut hair before to cut your hair for an important event or dinner? Would you go to a plumber to do heart surgery? The answer to any of this questions is a resounding, NO!

Why? Because they have not done what you want done. No matter how many times the plumber tries to convince you that he can do a heart surgery, you wouldn’t listen to him! Then why do people listen to folks who have never had success, never experienced success, and who know little of success about success? (At least for the success you desire afforded through the business.) Thus, I urge you to listen to the Right folks (those who have achieved success and have the right attitude you want to emulate) who can help you get to where you want to go and has been (and is still)there!

4) Busy AT the Business, but not BUILDING the business

There are a lot of activities you can do in network marketing, and you can get real busy preparing for meetings, phone calls, follow ups, trainings, events and just about anything you can think of but all of this will not allow one to earn anything! There is only ONE THING you do to build this business and earn a paycheck: Talk to people about signing up, or buying your product, or doing business with you by showing them how. We build this business one customer at a time, one distributor at a time but it’s not the same one all the time.

5) Not Plugging into the system

A study has been made that distributors that plugged their new distributors into the company system (emails, team calls, trainings, events, etc) have a 70% retention rate the first year and those that did not plug-in had a 30% retention rate. Also, successful leaders plug in their team for leverage and duplication purposes.

6) Dependent to Upline

The idea why your application says “Independent Distributor” is for you are to become independent from your upline. But there are some who are dependent from their upline. They depend on their sponsor for success then depend on their excuses to not give it 100%.

Yes, you learn from your sponsor at first in this business, but you MUST get independent quickly. Why? Because you will never get a big paycheck depending on someone else to create a big business for you! The less dependent you are on your upline, the more your paycheck will be due to you downline.

7) Lack Of Success Belief

What you expect to happen in this business inevitably happens. Sad to say, but a lot of people join this business with either a belief or expectation that it will not work or he’ll not be successful and guess what happens? It doesn’t work for them and they don’t become successful in this. These people have never experienced nor expected success in their life, and never will. If they’re successful with other things, they must change their mindset fast to accommodate their success mindset or belief in this very unique business. Belief is powerful! And if someone does not expect or believe to succeed, they won’t. Choose people who have great belief in themselves, in the company and in the products as well as his team because one of the greatest (and oftentimes, hardest) to change is belief. Why? Because it took them their age to develop such beliefs or mindsets! So find those believers. There are plenty out there.

8) Re-Inventing the Wheel

People go out and try to figure out a “better” way to do what already has been done, and end up going broke, when they should have just taken the tools and ran with them. Improvement is great but only AFTER you have mastered the basics and tools that your company is offering. Trust me in this: it will save you from a lot of mistakes and frustrations.

9) Lack of Leadership Skills

You as a leader must provide leadership to your group and create a growth and success environment. If you do not, you are setting yourself and your group to failure. They MUST have some level of leadership in the beginning because you cannot do this business FOR them, but you can do it WITH them. No leadership results in chaos and confusion. Your leadership must guide each of your team member the steps they’ll need to take so they can advance to achieve their goals and dreams.

10) Building the Wrong Thing

As business leaders, you can spend a lot of time and do a lot of things with your downline. You can build all the business you want, but if you are not building your each of your people’s confidence, mindsets, skills, and self-esteem, you will have a very fragile business that is built on sand. People who are believed in and encouraged and listened to will stay longer with you, become more successful, and will ride out any storm with you by your side.

I have always believed that this business is a people business that involves people-building. So, develop your PEOPLE FIRST then the Business, and if a storm comes along, the business will be resting on a

“Grow and lead your people, and they will build their networks.”

To your success,

Jake De La Cruz

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