Things to Look Into an MLM Company (Part I – The company stats)

“Integrity is the essence of everything.” – Buckminster Fuller

I am very passionate in advocating this because since 2009 I have been introduced (and sadly, joined) four network marketing companies. Two global or international and two local. I have learned some stuffs that most people who joined and quit never quite learned. Now, I am on my fifth (and hopefully, last) network marketing company.

Two things are very essential to note in choosing which MLM company to join and whose team will you associate yourself with: one is the company’s integrity and the second and equally important is the person’s integrity. Network Marketing can be for everyone but not everyone is for Network Marketing.

The Company’s Integrity focuses on four major areas:

  • Management – have they been around for at least five years? The best advice I can give is go for MLM that’s been thriving for 10 years (but I don’t discount the others that haven’t existed for five years). The company’s management leadership will also say a lot about the company’s strategy. So, reduce your risk as much as possible.
  • Products or Services – Is the quality being offered top-of-the-line? Will u still buy the product or service with or without being offered in MLM? Does the company have a great R & D for developing new products or services for people? How big is the trend for those products or services? Would u love sharing or offering it to friends and relatives? Are they priced competitively and offers high value?
  • Compensation Plan – Is it fair and balanced? Does the company pay on time? Does it reward the performing distributors based on sales volume more than (or not only) in rank advancements? It is only effective when majority of the people can make a decent income and will continue to do the business for the rest of their lives because they have created a positive cashflow! Understand that in any business, you need to break even first before you start making money but if your new distributors experiences negative cashflow monthly, they won’t stay long doing the business!
  • Support System – Is it global? Is it duplicatable? Can the business be done even with people who have no experience in selling or business? Does the company desires that you succeed and succeed well?

Some more thoughts in a good compensation plan:

  • Simple and ordinary people can understand and explain.
  • It is fair and balanced.
  • It allows all distributors to earn money through group sales volume, retail income while learning the business.
  • Members can join and buy products as they like. No force-buying.
  • Majority makes income.

On my next post, I will tackle the second crucial thing to note in analyzing the mlm company.

To your mlm success,

Jake De La Cruz

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