Marketing is Relationship-Based

marketing is

For me, here is the most misunderstood form of interrupting people. We market our products or services simply because we want to initiate a start of a relationship, not a one-time event or purchase. The reason is when you need a service or product once, you will eventually need it later in life. It may not be for you but for your family members.

Joe Girard

I have read the book shown above. And one of the things that struck me is his Law of 250. It says that every person we encounter influences, on average, in his whole lifetime 250 people. So, if you mess with one customer, you inevitably messed with the other 250. Knowing that allowed me to think well in my interactions with people.

There has been a lot of services and products which people sold me but have never shared or offered to my friends and relatives because of the not-so-good experiences to me. I’m thinking, “I will not allow any of them to experience what I have experienced!” If I really need the product or service, I usually either suffer while looking for the substitute or go to other places or establishments just to avoid the previous person’s face.

So, remember, whenever we market or sell products or services to people, think of long-term relationship with them but more importantly, think of the 250 people they will share to about the experience they had with you.

“People buy from people they like but they become loyal to those who make them feel great or who appreciate their business.”

To your success,

Jake De La Cruz

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