Four Major Lessons from the book Your First Year in Network Marketing


I’ve started reading this book and so far there are four lessons that I’m so excited to share about. Fasten your seat belts, here they are:

  1. Stop Badmouthing other Network Marketing Companies – They shared that if you have sufficient evidence, go directly to the authorities like DSA or other agencies. If you intend to destroy an illegal MLM company, put your name on the line.
  2. Educate People about Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing – I realized that indirectly, I have been sharing some stuffs that will guide people in their MLM journey without being discourages or taken advantaged.
  3. Purchase Everything You can through your MLM whenever possible – They suggested that we don’t sponsor or recruit from other good and proven MLM but essentially they can be customers when their companies don’t offer the products that they need.
  4. Achieve and Make Everyone Proud in Network Marketing Industry – The idea is that we develop professionalism in this industry while inevitably achieving our dreams by helping more people achieve their dreams. That’s the only way I see how to be successful in this industry.

I believe that as we do all these four ideas stated herein, we can really make the profession a professional one and a respected one.

Can anyone help me how I can purchase this book (paperback) in bulk for the Philippine market? What I have is an ebook since it’s not available (so far, as I have been searching for books and other materials for my team).

To your MLM success,

Jake De La Cruz

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