Network Marketing is NOT Network Selling

I’ve been thinking and pondering what most people in network marketing do that make them unsuccessful. One of the worst things that I’ve seen and experienced is selling (hard-selling) to your network.

Here are some of the scenarios for you network marketer:

  • They will join you out of respect for you but they will never do the business with you – you will never have their support.
  • They will not join and eventually, they will dismiss you entirely (I hope not)
  • They will join but will make a lot of excuses for not doing the business.
  • They will be negative and they will not invite their friends, relatives to attend anything related to the company or business – they don’t want them to experience the same way they had.

Now, here’s my thought on network marketing:

“Network Marketing is marketing to your network, not selling to them.”

The idea is only to share to them what products or services available to them through your business (only truth, don’t exaggerate because they will eventually know), ask them if they need such services or products (if not, ask them if they know someone who may need such – you can offer incentive if you like) then let them buy. That’s the reason why people hate to be sold to, they like to buy.

To your MLM success,

Jake De La Cruz

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