The Two Essential Things to Create or Adopt to have in Creating Network Marketing Success

Two of the most important and essential things I look for in an MLM or Network Marketing company are SYSTEMS and CULTURE. These are crucial to your mlm success as I will explain in a while.

Systems are important and, in fact, create a lot of successful millionaires (if not billionaires) around the world already like McDonald’s and other successful big businesses. Here are other ways where systems are being used without even you realizing it. Education has a set of systems which are placed that if you follow what is required of you (like passing your requirements on time, attend classes, pass the exams, etc.), you will graduate on time as well. Transportation systems like the ones used in airports, there are a series of ‘traffics’ or checkings one need to go through before, during and after flight and then you have arrived in your destinations.

A couple of months ago we visited the Enchanted Kingdom based in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines, a local version of Disney. We rode 10 different set of rides there (most of which are extreme, 9 out of 10) and since there are systems in place, we just needed to fall in line, ride (and enjoy the experience) then get off. That’s what systems do, it makes you enjoy (and achieve your goal) – in this case, a great and life-long unforgettable experience on those great rides we had.

Thus, does the company have systems that allows you to have an easier way to order products or services? Does it have a system that will allow you to achieve your dreams whatever that will be? One that allows you to “graduate” without you even realizing it? Find those systems and use it for your advantage and leverage.

Culture is also one I look for inside the company. The company and the people inside must be respectful no matter what your status in life is and that there must be a positive peer pressure (one that encourages you to achieve your dreams and sometimes, gives you tips and strategies in becoming successful). This is one of the only industries which shares their success secrets for free since they want you to be successful (and uses your success to inspire other people that they can also do it).

In my former employment, I rarely find my boss share to me the secrets to his success (how he got to his position and the paycheck he’s enjoying). Honestly, when you are promoted, are your colleagues genuinely proud of your success? In operating a traditional business, I rarely share my contacts and other trade secrets (way of doing things) to those people I work with for fear of getting cut of my market share. Are you confident sharing your ‘processes’ to your employees? In network marketing, the only way you can be successful is to share to your team all your secrets and processes so that they will know how you think and how you act. When you become successful in this business, your upline leaders and sponsors as well as your crosslines are genuinely happy and proud for your achievements because they know that they are next in line becoming successful. It has a positive pressure since you are in a culture where you know that your interests and success are their concern. If there’s no culture like that in your MLM company, create one if you really love the products and services or join one group who has the culture you want – asking their permission that you’ll join their culture without joining their team.

I cannot stress enough the importance or how vital systems and culture are. But trust me, it will all be worth it. Remember this: Systems will allow you to have a great leverage – one that allows you to build this business without you in it, and culture allows you to encourage your team without you even speaking directly to them – one that you can use when you’re just starting out in the business and when you have no visible success or credibility yet.

Join or follow your company systems, then preserve the “success culture” that your leaders are using to be successful.

To your mlm success,

Jake De La Cruz

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2 thoughts on “The Two Essential Things to Create or Adopt to have in Creating Network Marketing Success”

  1. Oh absolutely! Systems and Culture are basically what makes a strong Network Marketing or MLM, because without that , people won’t be loyal, because there isn’t a system that they can trust to work with others and the culture, which brings people together for a greater purpose than just individual ambitions.

    a Mastermind event, where the whole community of that company gets together is a result of the type of culture that people build.

    Proud to say that I am in MLM industry,because we work hard now and play together later while others dread at their jobs.


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