How to Sell Anything to Anybody (Part I)


Here are some of the highlights of my readings in this book. This is just the first part of the lessons. I have been reading books so I can have some ideas on how to be successful in all walks of life especially in business.

  • When a salesman sells, there are no losers; both the buyer and the seller win if it’s a good sale. Understand that selling is a continuing process. Change people by selling them the right way. Feeling sorry for yourself is a trap. The only way to have the right attitudes is to know what the wrong ones are and how you got them and why you keep them.
  • Everyone sells but anyone can learn to sell better. Look back to learn how to look forward better.
  • Think about what you’re trying to say, what you should say and what people wanted to hear. Nobody can be a great salesman without wanting something very much and the more you want it, the more you drive yourself to do what it takes to sell. Thus, you have to want something and know what it is exactly, and see that every move you make as a way of getting whatever it is you want. Knowing what you want will power your drive.
  • A good sale is one where the customer goes out with what he came in for, at a good enough price so that he tells his friends, his relatives and his co-workers to buy from you. Make him a friend and he’ll work for you. Remember, you are selling to another human being.
  • However you feel about yourself or whoever you’re with, don’t let it get away from serving those people, prospects or customers because they are the most important thing in the world to us. Girard’s Law of 250: Everyone knows 250 people in his or her life important enough to invite to the wedding and to the funeral. Every time you turn off just one prospect, you turn off 250 more.
  • It is your business, no matter whom you work for or what you sell. And the better you build it, the more the people you sell become your customers. Every minute you spend looking for ways to avoid working costs you money. What counts most is how smart you work, not where you work. If you do a lot of things to build business, you’ll build business. Use all your time to make opportunities.
  • Make your own prospect lists (have a long one) and develop a system for following up by building up the flow through better and productive ways of filling your time.
  • Make sure everybody knows what you sell. Tell people what you do for a living. Include everyone you know in your prospect lists.
  • Satisfied customers are the best bet for future sales. There is nothing more effective in selling anything than getting the customer to believe, really believe, that you like him and care about him. Have your business cards ready because wherever there are people, there are prospects, and if you let them know you are there and what you do, you are building your business. Try to share or sell everybody you talk to.
  • Send your customers a mail every month. The secret is in how creative and interesting you can make it. If they bought before, they’re your best prospects now. Send useful “how-to’ tips, clip news items. Get your name in front of your prospects whenever you can – and get into their homes.
  • Develop a referral system: whom do you know that would like to get $50 for sending me a sale? A satisfied customer is obviously an easy source of other business. Give people gifts or free services. Ask for referrals.

I hope you learned something for the first part of the lessons I have for this book.

To your success,

Jake De La Cruz

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