“This TOO Shall Change” Wisdom

Here is an inspiring story shared in the book. Here it goes:

 There was once two brothers whose father just passed away. As customary, after the burial, the two brothers sat down to divide what their father has left them. After having carefully divided everything, the younger brother noticed a small old dusty casing hidden at one corner of his father’s old drawer. He blew off the dust and opened the case. In it he found two rings. One was a magnificent ring studded with expensive diamonds. The other was just an ordinary brass ring with a faded inscription. Upon seeing it, the elder brother insisted that since he is the elder brother he should have the diamond ring as he reasoned that their father would like it to be passed down through the generations. The younger brother therefore kept the brass ring and wondered why their father would have kept such a worthless ring.

 As the years passed, both brothers had ventured into business and each prospered in their own ways. The only difference was the elder brother’s life always filled with worry, anxiety and fear whereas that of the younger brother was calm, happy and peaceful regardless of whether their businesses were good or bad.

 The elder brother then one day asked his younger brother, “Young brother, tell me what makes you so peaceful and calm even though your business has dropped and a big portion of your wealth has been lost?”

 “Remember the ‘worthless ring’ which our father left me?” said the younger brother. “I have always followed the wisdom in its inscription: THIS TOO SHALL ALSO CHANGE.”

 “When I am in the possession of a lot of money, I remain humble because I know this will also change. When I’ve lost my money, I remain calm because I know this will also change.”

 Thus, always remember the wisdom in such inscription.

To your success,

Jake De La Cruz

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