Condition Yourself for Network Marketing Success

Stories usually give us perspectives and emotional lessons that allow us to act or be inspired after we forget the exact words. It allows us to paint and see them in pictures (usually like movies) and create an incredible mark in our subconscious, somehow guiding us in our decisions and actions whether we know it or understand.

Here’s a story that might open your mind on the power of conditioning, instilling beliefs as well as the value of training. I also believe you can pick up some ideas which you can apply in your life.

Fleas have been known to make leaps of up to 13 inches, about 200 times the length of their own bodies – an equivalent of a six-foot man jumping about 900 feet. But circus fleas won’t jump 13 inches or even out of the jar they’re living in when the lid are removed.

 The remarkable thing is the reason why they don’t jump out of it – they have been trained to believe they can’t jump out of the jar no matter how hard or how often they try. The strategy is simple. The flea trainers put a lid on the jar and let the fleas jump and bang their heads on it. After many jumping and head-banging, the fleas eventually are convinced that jumping high enough to get out of the jar results in nothing but big headaches. Thus, after you remove the lid, they won’t even try getting out of the jar!

We have been being conditioned by a lot of people, organizations and even our present circumstances that we tend to believe that our big dreams are un-achievable or are so big we won’t be able to achieve it – and that they will always be dreams, no way to achieve them or the possibilities are taken away. Those who achieved their dreams or those who are financially free are somehow, sometimes, out of our networks or connections or they won’t share their “secrets” to their success.

During our childhood years, we had big dreams. After we graduate from college and experiencing a lot of realities in life, sometimes, even the remote possibility of achieving those dreams are far from our mind. We had experienced ‘a lot of jumping and head-banging’ and we heard stories of and seen people not being able to achieve their dreams or goals in life at their fifties, and we feel we might end up like them – not being able to live our dreams.

I have been reading books, attending seminars and training myself since 2004 and have been able to read more than 500 books and articles about leadership, relationships, management, business, success and many other topics that relates to personal development because I have been looking and searching for those ideas, stories, industries and actions that can allow and guide me to change my life for the better, achieve and live my dreams. I believe that one idea – acted upon – can change our lives.

Like the fleas, we must take the risk of leaping out of the jar. The lid was put there for a reason. It tests us greatly whether freeing ourselves from our present situations and living our dreams are more important and powerful enough to move us into life-changing actions or we are satisfied with our present situation. If we won’t make any changes in our lives now, no one will do it for us. Sadly, time will pass us by without noticing the changes in our bodies, in our environments or situations and then we realize that we’re fifty and our energy and drive have depleted.

Beware of those people who say you will never achieve your dreams. They said that either because they have no chance of achieving their dreams, they have given up on their dreams or they don’t see any possibility of achieving their dreams. Our associations and the environment we have greatly affect our future, even our achievements in life. So, find those people who have achieve a level of success that you would want for yourself and associate yourself with them. Ask them questions – pick their brains. They knew information and took actions on it that are quite outside our frame of mind. They are mostly humble, teachable and willing to help. If they’re not humble, they’re not successful and wealthy enough to be your model.

Thus, condition yourself for success and take risks. No one will do it for you. Change yourself, change your circumstances. You can achieve more because you can become more. We can become great because we can serve more.

To your mlm success,

Jake De La Cruz

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