Network Marketing is a Legitimate Business Model

Most people don’t see the value of network marketing as a business and a model that can greatly impact their lives once built right. For the past years, successful network marketers are not even considered legitimate business millionaires and don’t deserve much attention in media and other business magazines except for those focused on mlm or network marketing. For some, becoming successful in this business, creating six or seven figures and rising to the top aren’t sexy or doesn’t deserve much recognition.

 What would it take to consider a business legitimate? Well, it has to be registered with all the government licenses and other related issues and registrations. But operationally, what does it look like? We show or present the features and benefits of the products or services to people who might need or want them. When people buy, we earn a profit. We pay taxes and other related expenses like overhead, advertising budgets, rent, etc. If people don’t buy, eventually we’re out of business and as long as people buy, we grow our profit.

 When franchising was just starting to bloom or be noticed, a lot of people thought that it was scam and that it’ll not be a successful business model. But those few people who took the time to learn and understand it said that this business model will explode in time – and they became wealthy in the process. The same happened in the 1950’s when Rich deVos and Jay Van Andel founded Amway to market the products of Nutrilite through network marketing model and even went to courts to prove the legitimacy of the business – and won. Due to their efforts (and we respect them for being pioneers in this industry), network marketing model has been mostly accepted in most countries worldwide. And those who took the time to learn and understand it became wealthy and financially free in the process. The one major difference between franchise and network marketing is the initial cash outlay.

 Now, as I shared last time in my previous article, Network Marketing is Not Network Selling, we just need to share the business opportunity and the products or services that we’re involved with. Network Marketing is also being called a personal franchise (by just buying products) since the company pays you a ‘royalty’ for the sales volume generated by those people you share the business opportunity with. If it’s focused on recruiting and not on sales volume, re-think whether you’ll join or not. So, you have a benefit of a franchise without paying huge amounts for the franchise. Some people even consider this as a home-based business – usually because you can do the business at home with just a computer, telephone and internet and still become successful.

 Within network marketing, there are also other business models which are being used. Choose a model which suits your personality and the pacing you want for your business. Remember, this is your business franchise; you are responsible for the success or failure of it. Your upline sponsor will help you succeed but you need to also lead your team to be more successful. Make your team successful by providing them relevant information that they’ll need.

 To your mlm success,

 Jake De La Cruz

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