Building an MLM Business

Network marketing offers an unequaled opportunity to escape the “cubicle nation”, employment or rat race. The best part is that you can start out working the business part-time and very quickly make enough money to quit your job (if and when you are no longer happy with your job). Here are some ideas to remember:

  1. Make a single decision to DO the business – whatever it takes, to learn what you need to learn and to never give up until you reach your goals. Remember Master Yoda’s famous words, “Do or do not. There is no try.”
  2. Be highly efficient and effective in using your money, attention and time if you want to succeed. Be willing to make whatever sacrifices you deem necessary to meet your goals because the residual income of network marketing allows us to make a one-time sacrifice for a long-term reward.
  3. Establish your Daily Operating Procedures and stick to it.
  4. Create and review your goals, educate and self-train, and do the critical things necessary to grow your business through promoting your business, connecting with people, setting appointments and making presentations as well as selling products and sponsoring new distributors.
  5. Prioritize and schedule your tasks and act on it in order of priority. Do not do the second or third things first. Do the first thing on the list first.

 To your mlm success,

 Jake De La Cruz

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