Network Marketing’s Greatest Hidden Asset

Unlike any other businesses, network marketing or mlm business has one unique asset: once you build it the right way and achieve a critical mass of people consuming or using and sharing your products or services, you can achieve financial freedom and a steady passive income for yourself and the generations to come – as long as the company produces and gives compensation, and your organization keeps on using products or services and sharing them to their networks. That’s one of the most powerful reasons why we are building this business: so that we can have the freedom and means to do whatever good we like to do, whenever and with people we want to spend our time with, and eventually, pass that freedom and wealth to the next generations.

 Most of the network marketing companies designed the business for easy transfer as inheritance to the next generation – once something happened with the person registered. Thus, it’s not like the transfer of a traditional business where there are a lot of transitions that will take place and perhaps, lost much of the customers or clients the previous owners created and maintained. The same people who use and share the products and services will still be there to build their business without even realizing that there was a transition.

 Thus, the greatest hidden asset of network marketing is the ability and potential to build a business empire that will stay for you and your descendants – as long as the company survives recession and you descendants serve your organization in the years after you’re gone. Remember, we are not just building a business; we are helping people achieve their dreams and be the best person they could be, and make the biggest difference in people’s lives. We serve because it’s the only way to become very successful in this business.

 To your mlm success,

 Jake De La Cruz

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