The Impact of Choice

Sometimes, we feel that we are controlled by external circumstances. But our lives are largely determined by our own personal choices and decision in every area of our lives. We are where we are because of ourselves as a result of the choices and decisions we made in the past. Thus, if we want to have a different future than our present circumstances, we must make new and better choices and decisions today.

Choices and decisions are followed and shown by actions. An action is something with a consequence which makes inaction, a failure to do something, can be considered an action since it has a consequence that can dramatically impact our lives. For example, if a person fails to finish school, to read regularly for either personal or professional growth, listen to audio lessons and take additional training is committing inaction. The reason is because it has a crippling consequence, effect or impact on the future of that person.

The most wonderful thing about us is that we are free to shape and create our own future because we can make new choices, decisions and actions at any moment of our lives especially with our character, values, attitudes, mindsets and beliefs. And all improvement in our lives begins with an improvement in the way we see and think about ourselves every time. For instance, at times when we feel and think inferior about some things in our lives, we act inferior, intentionally or not.

Throughout human history, men and women who had the highest ideals, values and deepest convictions, which they uphold whatever happens, have been the most admired people in all societies and became models for the next generations. Our starting point of becoming an outstanding people is to be absolutely clear about our values that make our own personal philosophy, and then next is to rank them according to priority.

Great values are life-enhancing while poor values are life-destroying. For example, person A and B have the same values (Family, Health and Career) but their orders of priorities are different. Person A has Family, Health and Career Success in order of priority thus, he will always choose Family over Health and Career and he will always choose Health over his Career Success. Person B on the other hand has Career Success, Family and Health, which means that under pressure, he will always choose Career Success over Family and Health, and Career Success and Family over his Health. That’s why the order of our values are very important after choosing our values.

The development of personal code and personal philosophy of life is one of the most important things we can ever do. Everything we are and even what we become is determined by our choices and decisions. Thus, let us make a firm decision to stand up for certain principles and values, and to never compromise them; over time, this will make us outstanding individual. When we become outstanding individuals, our future will be unlimited.

To your success,

Jake De La Cruz

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