Develop Humility

I came across this weird story and gleaned an idea or two in business and life in general. Here’s how it goes:

A grammarian fell into a well one day and had difficulty climbing up the slippery sides.

A little later, a Sufi chanced by and heard the man’s cries for succor. In the casual language of everyday life, the Sufi offered aid.

The grammarian replied, “I would certainly appreciate your help. But by the way, you have committed an error in your speech,” which the grammarian proceeded to specify.

“That’s a good point,” acknowledged the Sufi. “I had best go off awhile and try to improve my skills.” And so, he left the grammarian at the bottom of the well.

This is one of the classic examples of failing to realize our top priority needs. The grammarian was so focused on what he knows that he offered to correct the one who wanted to help him out of the well – in the process, insulted him and left him where he started.

This shows us that we can learn from every person we encounter. They know some things we don’t know since they are exposed on those skills or knowledge that we are not able to get or experience. When we are in a dire situation – and all the things that we have been doing are not getting us the results we want – we must allow others to help us. Be humble and learn. Proud people are not helped much and are always left out to rot where they are.

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To your successful living,

Jake De La Cruz

© 2014 All rights reserved.

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