Look for Flaws and Fail

There is no such thing as a perfect job or a perfect network marketing company. Too many distributors as well as prospects think that if they join the ground floor, stable, right, perfect, momentum-stage, 30-year-old and visionary company then that company will make them rich and successful. In the long run, this only causes frustrations, unreasonable expectations, conflicts and other things that would cause one to bad-mouth or destroy the reputations of many good network marketing companies.

Distributors don’t become rich because of the companies they partner themselves with or their great sponsor who makes a lot of money (though it is one of the factors that make someone successful in the business) but only the distributors themselves can decide and make themselves rich. Unsuccessful distributors constantly look for flaws in the company, products or services, their sponsors, etc. and reasons why their business won’t work. If you want to be successful in network marketing business, you must constantly find reasons why your business will work and make every effort to serve every person who needs your products or services and your business opportunity.

Don’t be in a habit of complaining about your company, sponsor and other reasons that are holding you back from your success. Highly qualified people shun people who complain.

If you always complain about the flaws and the things that don’t work for you in your current network marketing company, even if you join other network marketing companies, your result will still be the same – you will fail or you may experience a considerable success but your bad attitude and habitual complaints will make your success an eventual failure.

When we were in school, there were those subjects we didn’t like but we made a decision that we will pass (or be successful) those even if the teacher doesn’t give considerations, or he wasn’t able to communicate well or even if he gives low scores and grades, or our parents wasn’t that supportive or they even discourages us at times. We decided to finish the schooling whatever happens or however hard the process took. Then we were rewarded with lessons and proof of graduating.

Success will only work for us when we don’t complain on things that don’t work and start creating reasons for us to be successful. Ask yourself honestly, “Do I want or like doing business with me while I complain?” If the answer is negative, make the adjustments to make other people do business with you.

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 To your successful and healthy living,

 Jake De La Cruz

 © 2014 All rights reserved.

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