To Get Ahead, Learn New Things

You may have heard that readers are leaders. I disagree. Because I know and believe that all leaders are readers but not all readers are leaders. They want to get ahead and lead more that’s why they learn more and apply.

Where we are now is the result of the things we have learned until now. Thus, if we want to go further, we must learn new things. As I shared one day that we are either progressing or regressing, so must continually improve our edge to be successful long-term.

The best athletes, professionals and people around the world who are very successful are always trying to improve themselves by trying to beat their own world records. Remember though that they’re no longer thinking about the monetary rewards or the trophies; they are so focused on becoming the best that they can be. Their motivation is internal, not external. They don’t wait for people to come around and motivate them. What if those people don’t show up? Will you stay unmotivated for the rest of your life?

The successful ones have accepted the responsibility that no one can learn and do things for them and that if they want certain circumstances in their lives, they would need to learn, work and create those for themselves.

Distributors must at least begin to accept personal responsibility for their business success or failure. But I know and believe that as they learn new things and apply, they will eventually be successful beyond their dreams.

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 To your success,

 Jake De La Cruz

 © 2014 All rights reserved.

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