A New and Different Point of View

One of the greatest challenges in network marketing business is a distributor’s fear or dread of rejection. Being rejected hurts especially if it comes from people we love or respect the most like our spouse, mentors, parents, close friends or relatives.

Most sponsors also share to us to sell the products or services and the business opportunity to our “warm market” – people within our network. These allow us to fear rejection so much that we don’t even have the courage to share it to them. But a different approach or perspective must be shared or inculcated in us to overcome that fear of rejection: let people know that they can pick up a check or let money be deposited in their bank account for recommending and promoting products or services they like – or they can continue doing it for free. Now, that is the decision our prospects need to make.

Remember that network marketing is just sharing products or services you like or enjoy much to people you care – most of the time, we are doing it for free. We all recommend and promote things to our friends and acquaintances – our favorite resources, products, music, movies, books, dentists, cars, ideas, etc. We all do network marketing daily. However, some people are actually getting paid for it.

So, we need to let prospects know that they have a choice whether to promote or recommend things for free or be paid for it. The habit is already there, why not choose to be paid?

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 To your success,

 Jake De La Cruz

 © 2014 All rights reserved.

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