Different Words, Different Response

When we were starting out in network marketing business and had a good level of training, we made wrong assumptions that we know most about the business and somehow, appeared arrogant that we significantly failed – mostly, because of the words we used like call now for more information, or email me when you have questions or need additional information.

Since, most of the trainings I had were about hard-selling and persuading people to buy into the business opportunity on the spot, I lost the businesses of most of the people I’d like to do the business with – and those that bought into the opportunity never showed up or talked with me again. So, I began searching for books and attended seminars that might shed light to my challenges. Then, most successful salespeople highlighted about the “benefit-oriented” approach than the features-focused ones. They are selling the same product or service and opportunity but different focus or words being used. Here’s a sample:

“If we can show you how to increase your income by $300 per month, would you like us to call you?”

In this case, we are giving the prospect a sense of security. The prospect understands that no one is going to call or high-pressure a sale. He knows that he has the power to arrange further communication or not. We clearly stated our offer in a friendly way and that we have given the prospect choice to make the next move.

We want to build a long-term business, so we must be careful with the choice of words we use in our communication. Words, whether you are aware or not, reveals a lot about our plans, futures and desires. We also use it to generate responses from people we do business with – whether they would continue doing business with us or not. So, carefully craft your words.

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To your success,

Jake De La Cruz

© 2014 All rights reserved.

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