Joining Is A Choice; Success Is A Decision

The easiest thing to do in any network marketing business is to join the business. This is the easiest choice we would need to do. Waking up early to do business like calling people for appointment or presentation, meeting or training people and many other things to keep the business growing and thriving and eventually a success is a decision.

Remember, people may have promised many things to you before you even join their business or even forced you to purchase their products or services but if you’ll not do the business yourself and make it a success, no one will because no one will sweat or do things so that you can achieve your dreams for yourself. No one will hand you even $300 a month to do nothing; much less giving you your dreams doing nothing.

Here are some of the things people will not do for you in this business (and you should not either):

  • No one will learn the business for you.
  • No one will grow the business for you.
  • No one will give you your monthly income for you without you working for it.
  • No one will lead your business for you.
  • No one will manage your business for you even if you hire people to do it. The danger of hiring people and learn from you without you putting them under your team and they don’t like you, they will be working with people they like.
  • No one knows the status of your business more than you – if you are doing the business.
  • No one will reach out to your network if you won’t.
  • No one understands the pacing you have for your business more than you.

Remember, in any endeavor in life, joining or starting is easy. Deciding to be successful is another matter. So, make every effort to be successful, no matter how long, whatever it takes. Fight for your dreams; no one else will.

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To your success,

Jake De La Cruz

©2014 All rights reserved.

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