Leadership Starts by Accepting Responsibility

For the previous months in events, I have been hearing the saying, “Events create leaders.” I have been thinking about it and what really creates leaders – whatever type of leader that is.

I have had the chance to lead organizations in the past years and I thought about the processes I went through to be a leader I am now. I have been to many events, trainings and seminars and one of the things I get is inspiration and internal motivation that leading is a responsibility and a privilege – a chance to make a difference in people’s lives (sometimes, without us realizing it).

Leadership expert John C. Maxwell shared that basically, leadership is influence. So if we have influence, we are in one way or another leading. I say, before we can lead effectively and efficiently, we must first believe that we are leaders because we influence people in varying degrees. Secondly, believe that we can lead to the best of our abilities with the resources we have. Thirdly, convince ourselves that when our leadership is greatly needed, we will rise up and lead – but even now, we must be learning to lead effectively and efficiently by getting leader-mentors. I believe that only leaders can develop leaders.

As for events creating leaders, it is not true. But I know that events showcase leaders. So, if you’re looking for leaders, either you develop them or find them. The challenge is: It takes a leader to know one. In any networking business, the only way to transition distributors to business leaders is when they accept responsibility of the growth or success of their business – whether to attend business events, call people for presentations, train people, purchase from their own business, etc. When your team accepts this responsibility or when they own the business, you are on your way to creating your long-term passive income. But remember, you lead and grow your leaders, and they will lead and grow their networks.

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To your success,

Jake De La Cruz

©2014 All rights reserved.

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