Be a Product of Your Products

We are in network marketing business, and the best marketing we can do for our prospects to be curious and check the products or services we are offering is to let them see us as a by-product or result of using the product. That way, it is easier to see whether our prospects need the offerings (and lower rejection ratio).

When people see the difference your products are doing for you and your family as well as your friends, it’s easier for them to decide whether they would want to partner with you or not in the products sharing and building of the business to achieve your dreams. Aside from being a product of your products, you would need to show to your prospects the financial relief or effect of doing the business so far in your network marketing efforts. This is not to suggest that you show them about your new car or house but by sharing your story to them and the options you can afford now. Perhaps the idea, that now, you have the option to work because you love to, not because you have to; that financial struggles have been lifted. But if you are just starting your business, share the hope and decision of achieving your dreams and goals.

Use your products and share your experience with it to your friends and relatives. That is your greatest task in the business. Be a product of your products.

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To your success,

Jake De La Cruz

©2014 All rights reserved.

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