Buy a Product or Service and the Business is Free

The essence of Network Marketing Business is that we buy a product or service and the business is free. Your business exists as long as we purchase or avail of the products or services. The only difference is that while you own the business, you get the around 20 – 30 % discount on your repeat purchases.

We all purchase products or avail services at one time to test the advertisement which we have come to know about the product or the recommendation made by a trusted friend or colleague. Then when we believe that the product or service is superior or of high quality or better suited for our needs, we use it and even share our experiences to those within our network. See, this is the essence of network marketing: we use products or services then share to other people. It is a word-of-mouth marketing type but the only difference is that we get paid by sharing our experience with it.

We are accustomed to products with a “Buy One, Take One” slogan offered by many establishments or stores, or buy this and get this one is free. But a rare offer has been made through network marketing, buy this product or service and the business partnership is free. No business has been shared this way.

So, when people ask you about the business opportunity you are offering, tell them that if they buy this (whatever you’re offering), the business is free. Though the business is acquired for free, the profits from it will be largely dependent on doing the business as you would a traditional business. Only difference is found here.

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To your success,

Jake De La Cruz

©2014 All rights reserved.

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