There are Rules in Network Marketing







Last May 18, we participated in a Steps Project which essentially promotes active lifestyle. The event was highlighted by either going for a walk, run, jog or combination of all sorts as we complete the oval for a band which could then be exchanged for some prizes when you’re done rounding the oval.


Well, my gf and I have collected five bands together which we exchanged for five (5) Php 100 gift certificate for Bon Chon where as some of our friends who went there exchange for a health book, sports magazines, yogurt and others. There were other runners who were with us during the event and they were enjoying their work out believing that they will become better and healthier physically. Indeed, they were healthier and able to finish at least five bands alone. That was an impressive feat for me since it was so long since I had my run and jog.

Though some of the runners in the oval outpaced us with a lot of rounds before they stopped, they were not able to receive the same prizes that were available to us who registered and participated. We walked, run, jog and a combination with style since we know that we were not only making our physical bodies healthier, we were being rewarded with prizes as well.IMG_7464The same is true in Network Marketing. We can make our rounds better than many people in terms of marketing, selling, project or people management, corporate life and many other aspects bur if we don’t register and participate in it, we will not be able to reap the rewards of it no matter how much we want to also experience the freedom and life of network marketers.

Moreover, depending on your network marketing company, there are rules which you can take advantage to maximize your earning potential as well as the systems that your company has put in place to help you succeed. Remember, there are rules in network marketing and the best way to know those is to participate in one.

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To your success,

Jake De La Cruz

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