Jason Lo’s Secret in Reading Books

While Jason Lo and I were classmates in our pastoral studies way back 2009, I was always fascinated how fast he reads a book while waiting for our teacher to arrive or when we were not doing anything significant. We had a lot of book readings as well as book reviews that we need to pass at the time and we managed to pass all of them in time.

He finally shared his secret in reading five books at a time. You can get his pointers here (and the wonderful story behind 🙂 ).

Most of the time, I read because I wanted to learn and understand how the author’s mind works as well as their aspirations and desires. In a way, it gives me a deeper understanding of the message that the author wants me to understand. I don’t read five books at a time like him but I do finish reading two books per week. That’s why I have a lot of books. Sometimes, I finish reading four when the books at the time are quite intriguing or my interest.

I also make it a point that I share the lessons I’m learning either through mentoring or coaching or through my blogs. When I want to learn deeper, I teach the lessons. It’s my way of also understanding or learning whether I really understand or not. I meant learning from the heart, not only intellectually.

After all, it’s not about the number of books we are reading, it’s how many books that touches and changes our lives that counts the most. So, find your own way of learning through books. I tell you, it will be all worth it. Just start with a book, reading it for at least 15 minutes per day and soon you will develop the habit. It doesn’t matter which book at the start. The challenge is to start it and do it consistently. Enjoy your reading journey!

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To your success,

Jake De La Cruz

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