The Greatest Business in the World

As you may well know now, I am referring to Network Marketing (NM) Business or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Business. This is the only business that requires low capital, low skill level but high income potential. It allows people to have immediate income while striving to create a residual income working in it for at least three to five years. The challenge is to build the business the right way, with the right principles and values, and with a team and culture of helping one another to create the success that each wants in the proportion of the work being given.

To be successful in business has always been a challenge because there is no school that’s offering such. There are only trainings of various kinds and associating with successful people who have vested interest in your success and well-being. One of the long-term goals in network marketing is the residual income. It allows people to earn from their initial efforts done even when you are no longer directly involved on a day-to-day basis – a royalty fee, in other words.

Network marketing works because people work it out to be a success. It works or not depending on the people involved, not because of the company (though it may affect how fast you can have your success), your team (it becomes a chaos if there are separate motives within the group but a continual success if it has the same values and culture) and your system, whether followed or not.

NM or MLM is the greatest business in the world because anyone can be successful in it as long as people will work to achieve their dreams. It has the greatest ROI (what business can give you at least a million dollars income within 10 years with just about 5,000 dollars investment in about five years and a lot of effort?). As I was saying, it depends whether you built it the right way with the right people and the right system that works for you and your team.

One self-made MLM millionaire once asked and then answered, “Why are you working? I’m working so that I can stop working.” MLM is the only business that once you built it the right way and helped many people successful for at least three years, you can have a residual income for the rest of your life and being able to enjoy it – you go to places whenever you want, with people you want to be with, wherever you desire and live the dream that you have always wanted. In traditional business, the more you become successful, the less personal time you will have. In MLM, the more you become successful, the more personal time you will have.

Here are my suggestions so you can start your own NM or MLM business:

  1. Choose a Network Marketing Company whose products you think are fantastic, management you respect and trust, and a solid business development program.
  2. Then begin using the products or services yourself and share your experiences with your family and friends, just as you would a good movie or a book you enjoyed.
  3. Sponsor people who are interested in the business opportunity by working with them, training and helping them build their own networks. Continue doing that for 12 to 48 months and you will receive (residual income) commissions for each sale in your whole network.

The best part is that you don’t have to show up every day to continue to earn those commissions. Just continue supporting those people whom you sponsored for whatever they need. Remember, you grow your people, and your people grow their networks.

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To your success,

Jake De La Cruz

©2014 All rights reserved.

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