Do Not Imitate People; Copy Principles and Apply

One of the greatest challenges we will face in our lives (even in business) is second guess our abilities and try to copy what everyone else is doing thereby, neglecting what we do best or suppressing who we are. The fact is we can never operate to our full potential by copying other people, their desires, incomes, lifestyles and even what they have, but through accepting who we are and what we can do so we can start improving to be the person we want to be, not what people around us want us to be.

Sometimes, we idolize people even to the point that we attached ourselves to them, appreciating them for their skills (and depreciating our own skills), for their figures and images (and believing we can never be like them) and many other things. The thing is we will never be like them. The good news is that they will never be like us – in skills, experiences, mindsets, relationships, and in many other things. There’ll always be things that other people can’t do but for us, it’s easy; other people don’t know but for us, it’s normal. At times, other people try to imagine but for us, it’s an experience.

A wise person once admonished, “Do not follow the path the great people in history thread; instead seek what they sought.” I believed that knowing what they sought allows us to choose the path we will take to get there. Most of the time, we choose to become followers of people we want to be rather than becoming students of their principles and threading our own path to our own greatness. So, copy the success principles of great men and women in history but apply them according to your circumstances and challenges. Get advice from people but only you must make the right decisions for your life because when all is said and done, you will always be the one either suffering the consequences of those decisions or enjoying the rewards of those decisions.

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To your success,

Jake De La Cruz

©2014 All rights reserved.

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