Network Marketing and Dental Treatment

I decided to get my teeth be fixed and been in braces for the past seven months. Then last month, I went to Ilocos Region (Northern part of the Philippines) for about eight days. On my second day, the wire in my brace was cut and so, I figured I could let a dentist friend fix it when I get to Batac.

Upon setting an appointment with her and finally seeing her discussing my situation, she firmly said that she can’t fix my problem since she was not the one who put it there. She called it “Professional Courtesy.”

After that event, I realized that if more network marketers would adhere to this kind of professional courtesy and not get other network marketers from different or other network marketing companies, then the industry would be treated with more respect.

The next time we meet unsatisfied networkers from another company and that the company and their products or services are beyond reproach, we must not encourage them to do business with us since they are already with another. Think of it as being in a highly regarded profession. Encourage them more to learn from their uplines and their company leaders.

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To your success,

Jake De La Cruz

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