The Power of Financial Freedom

Everyone wants to have financial freedom because it offers a quality of life that actually is free from many of the living constraints that we have in our modern society.

Many of us are working to just survive, which is a common problem when it comes to being able to have financial freedom. If we are working to pay our bills, but have nothing left over for our families, and our savings account, then we are never really free of the burden that having finances brings on.  So being able to achieve financial freedom is something that many people dream of having, as it would allow people to have a higher standard of living, be able to pay bills, and have excess for entertainment, and desires.  But what makes having financial freedom powerful is that it is the “American Dream,” – no one wants to slave away for years for measly benefits, and a low wage salary.

People want to feel like they provide worth to the company, and are a great asset. But its more than this, they want to remember what it is like to be financially free – to know what the true worth and power of freedom is.

In order to relate to this, one must step backwards and remember that the first step to becoming financially free is to understand that it doesn’t start with your debt, your loans, the bank or your assets. It begins with remembering the pleasure that came with being able to buy your first car, eat ice cream at the park, or buy that book you have been wanting since its release.

We have to remember that money is more than just something to pay the bills, or a currency to barter with. It allows us to envision our desires and grasp them, it allows us to realize that money is not just a shiny object, but it creates value or de-value in our lives.  This is something a lot of people soon forget when they get trapped in working for a living that only provides us with the essentials. As human beings, these essentials are wonderful, but they are not enough. By not having the powerful financial freedom we seek, we degrade ourselves into a life that has less value.

But what makes financial freedom really powerful is that you can look at it in two ways. Either you can be financially free because you have a lot of shiny currency, or you can be powerfully free because you don’t need those finances for happiness. One almost always remember that the easiest step towards financial freedom is not allowing it to haunt you, or control you. If you can lead a life where you are not catering to your bills, but rather putting away savings for vacation trips or your new so and so, then you’re on the right track.

By empowering yourself to take control of your financials, live beyond that next paycheck, and supersede the constraints that money often puts on us, then you will realize that the power of being free truly does bring a different kind of happiness.

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To your success,

Jake De La Cruz

©2014 All rights reserved.

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