Never Lose Contact with Your Contact

As we share our network marketing business to our friends and relatives, we may receive some negative feed backs or reactions from them which we don’t expect especially at the start of the business – when we do not have good results. We may also react negatively to their reactions when they don’t believe in what we believe about the company, products or services and culture.

At the start, our contacts may or may not join us in the business. But what is important is to continue on our journey to our financial freedom and fight for our dreams. Then continually update our contacts in our progress and the new information they may need about the company or the new product releases that are coming.

As we progress, always keep the relationship growing whether the contacts join or not. Find a way to update yourself about your contacts’ situations like status, new baby or new promotions or other tragedies they may have encountered. Then just be there.

There will always be a chance that they will need a friend, a trusted one. Then just be one. People join us in the business because they trust us first, then the company we represent. The goal is to be a better person for our contacts. Someone they can rely to and on.

In network marketing, never lose contact with your contact. Realize that your contacts or network are your greatest asset in the business. Let’s do our best to grow and expand our business network by increasing our value for our networks. The greater our value we can give, the better and bigger our network will be.

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To your success,

Jake De La Cruz

©2014 All rights reserved.

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