Do not be discouraged no matter what, because when we give up, then we are none. – Top Ittipat, Top’s Secret

I have watched the movie,Top’s Secret a.k.a. The Billionaire, at least five times since 2012. Top has encountered a lot of challenges to reach his goal and persisted secretly to pay back his father’s debts and occupy the same house that was foreclosed due to the debt.

There were times when he knows that he can reach his goals when his business started to gain some sales then setbacks came. The highlight of the movie is when he contacted the person in-charge of taking products for sale of 7-11 with high hopes but the problem was its products packaging. After fixing the packaging, another seemingly setback came because of the busyness of the person who told him that the packaging’s not ready. So, he left his sample products at 7-11’s elevator which employees had the chance to taste the product. At that, he was called for a contract but 7-11 wanted more than 70,000 pieces for distribution within two months after checking whether his plant is aligned with Good Manufacturing Practices.

With that challenge, Top sold his car and took a calculated risk in renovating his father’s warehouse which was foreclosed. The examiners of his plant were thorough and he told them that whatever they want for improvement of the plant, he’ll do his best to fix or put them in place. Then he got the contract, got all the required units for shipment and his goal has been met.

Top’s setbacks include losing his girlfriend, his parents leaving him for China to start over, failed businesses, undervalued talisman, unsaleable DVD players, his father’s not seemingly supportive of his business skills but the total support of his uncle and mom. His great attributes included stubborn persistence and unquenchable learning attitude (not in the classroom, but in real-world set up).

The message above and what he went through gives me courage to do whatever it takes to succeed, no matter what, so that I can declare that the Lord is good.