Great Man lessons with Stephen Manfield

Great Man

Stephen Mansfield shared wonderful lessons about being a Great Man (Godly Man) in the seminar we attended last May 5, 2015. It was an eye-opener for me to learn that in Damascus, Syria, if a man fathers a son, they celebrate manhood with joyful noises and grant the father with a new name. He shared that his new name is “Abujon” which came from “Abu”, father of and “jon”, a short version of his son’s name, Jonathan.

He shared verses that speaks about manhood or characteristics of man (like Job 40:7). He showed some statistics about the decline of Biblical Manhood and books that, in a way, belittles men in this era. Then the de-motivation of boys to read and them being exposed to pornography and other bad stuffs simply because there’s no model of godly manhood in the boys’ lives. He emphasized that men need to build a manly culture. Boys are suffering because men aren’t there.

Men must not be soft and perverse as a result of luxurious living where there is no sense of mission or a great cause being pursued, and not be small-souled person, where there is no passion, drive or fire or vision for life.

The solution? He emphasized that “we are the men” and we must create a viral movement among men to build a righteous manly culture. Things can change. It’s not too late. Here are the four principles on Manhood that he shared during the talk:

  1. Manly Men DO Manly Things. Manhood always start with doing. The miracles happen after doing a certain action given by God or by a man of God. Things happen when the doing is done. Usually, the healing comes in the doing. He used the ten lepers in Jesus’ time. Emotions don’t have to come first before taking action.
  2. Manly Men Tend Their Fields. Men must be responsible for the field assigned to them in every season of their lives. So he urged men to step up for the field assigned to them by the Lord. Own your field by spending more time in your own field. Seek the Lord for the responsibility He’s given and do it for His glory and honor.
  3. Manly Men Build Manly Men. You cannot do it alone. Build a band of brother who can and will speak to you to about everything you need to hear that will spur you to God, love and righteousness. Give those men the right or permission to make or help each other better. Men team up to do something together.
  4. Manly Men LIVE to the glory of God. Men must please only Christ and not men according to their expectations and pleasures. So, men must live in partnership with God as they do the first three principles in every season of their lives.

The one thing not to do is not pursuing your divine destiny and ungodly passivity, irresponsible mode, retreated or shuts off from the important things or people in his life. Most men are alone and bored. So, keep the passion increasing and always be fierced in pursuing your destiny. Have a big adventure with God!

Get Clean. Get Whole. Get on with your destiny with God.

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