Act Like a Man Lessons (Part 1 of 2)

Men's Talk

Ptr. Dennis Sy shared wonderful lessons at the April 30 seminar at Victory Pioneer for two hours with some Q & A portions.

He asked what our concept of manhood was and we were able to come up with: born to lead; leader; pillar; knows when to swallow pride; obeys God; responsible; Christ-like; relates manhood to dads.

Ptr. Dennis shared his website,, where he shares his ideas about biblical manhood because his goal is to bring back biblical manhood in our generation. He talked about his models of manhood which are from Christian communities and mostly get impartation in a form discipleship.

1 Cor 16,13

He then shared the 5 Things a Man Should Build:

  1. Build your spirit. When this has been prioritized and well attended, the other four will be easier to do. A man must have his own time with God. Our relationship with God must be built daily. We must be submitted to the Kingship of Christ. We must be practical theologian. We read His word. Ps 1,1-3If we will not build our spirit, no one else will. We should focus on the things only we can do; then delegate the rest.
  2. Build your finances. Men were called to cultivate. Learn to cultivate yourself little by little. Learn from the ants.Pro 6,6-8Life is simple. Sometimes, we wait for things to happen but our design have always been to initiate. We make things happen.

The next post will be Act Like a Man Lessons (Part 2 of 2)…

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