Act Like a Man Lessons (Part 2 of 2)

Men's Talk

Ptr. Dennis Sy shared wonderful lessons at the April 30 seminar at Victory Pioneer for two hours with some Q & A portions.

Last time, I shared about the  5 Things a Man Should Build. The first two of which are to build your spirit and finances. (If you’ve missed it, here’s the link.)

3. Build your future. Be futuristic. Reverse-engineer your life. Always start with the end in mind. Ptr. Dennis shared that he’s envisioning that he and his wife, at 50 years being married, will still be married, they will still be best friend, with date nights, every two years date abroad and have a face-to-face conversation. Here’s what Theodore Roosevelt said about true manhood:true manhood

4. Build your leadership. He said that your wife is the reflection of your leadership. Men should be first to take the lead in the church and in the community. We should not be passive in whatever is happening in the society, and blame the government or politicians for the wrong things that are happening. Before we blame, did we do our job in the matter? We must fight with God on the things that matter to us.

5. Build your friendship. Living our lives into biblical manhood means surrounding us with men who will inspire, train, push, love, encourage, pray and believe with us. We can’t do it alone but those men must and need permission from you to speak words you need to hear. We need a band of brothers who will be with us as we traverse this life unto the next. So, start building your own team for God’s glory and honor. Act Like a Man

Here are the lessons I learned from the talk and I wanted to share with you.

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