The two types of Learning

I have been reading this book and I’m learning some stuffs I’d like to share. In his book David and Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell makes the distinction between what he calls capitalization learning and compensation learning.

Capitalization learning is what most of us really enjoy. It is learning by getting good at something through building on the strengths we are naturally given. This is our “comfort zone strengths.”

And there is the compensation learning. It is learning out of necessity and requires us to confront our limitations. Gladwell calls this a desirable difficulty. A desirable difficulty is a challenge that requires you to grow and overcome challenges in ways that are beneficial to your overall life. He mentioned dyslexia.

In his book, because of the lessons people learned in dealing with dyslexia, they surpassed many other “normal” people in regards to success in life. It is usually learning that occurs in our areas of weakness – not our strengths. As it is hard work, often very hard work, most of us avoid it and thus miss out on our potential.  He shared:

“…what is learned out of necessity is inevitably more powerful than the learning that comes easily.

So, what is it that you need to learn to have a greater impact which you are avoiding because it is hard? Start learning what is hard for you so that you will grow into even greater effectiveness and thus greater impact.

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