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A Breakthrough is from the Lord.

The Lord is with you

We must find a way to understand and learn what our God has planned for our lives, and then use everything He sends for our improvement and for His glory. Continue reading A Breakthrough is from the Lord.

Reading Rule.

Reading RuleRead then share what you have learned to people around u.. If the lessons there are not appropriate to a child, put it in a garbage can. There are lessons not worth sharing until it is time and there are lessons which shouldn’t even be opened or known.
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Read the Future. Then show to people.

read the futureThere are some people who can’t see beyond their challenges and circumstances. And if you happen to be able to escape your prison, kindly leave the keys.
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Let’s Be Unreasonable.

UnreasonableWe must find a way to understand and learn what our forefathers are trying to do and where they’re trying to go, and then either create a new path towards them or develop a new way of doing things. Continue reading Let’s Be Unreasonable.

Read and Reflect.

Read with ReflectionEat well by digesting well. Read well and reflect what you read to maximize your learning. Thus, making your learning or reading worth the time.

Similar Event. Different Reactions.

I just finished reading the book, David and Goliath. Malcolm Gladwell shared an idea that the same or similar event can be profoundly damaging to one group of people while leaving another group extremely inspired.

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The two types of Learning

I have been reading this book and I’m learning some stuffs I’d like to share. In his book David and Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell makes the distinction between what he calls capitalization learning and compensation learning.

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